FAQ’s from Flawless Consulting Workshops

Over the years I have trained thousands of people in Flawless Consulting Workshops. Most of them did not see themselves as consultants yet had questions about how to relate to the people they served inside the organization.

Now, if you’re not sure you are an internal consultant? Follow this link to a previous article.

Here are the seven most frequently asked questions that I am asked in Flawless Consulting Workshops about becoming an internal consultant with impact and influence.

1. How do I move from a transactional (doing everything) role and into a partnership (strategic) role?

2. What are the right questions to ask clients to get results?

3. How do I get clients to be clear about their expectations?

4. How do I deal with difficult clients, handle push-back and resistance?

5. How do I get my recommendations accepted and used by my clients?

6. How do I show my value, credibility, expertise to my client?

7. How do I get my clients to take accountability?

After you think about these questions, I have two questions for you…

1. What is your top question about being an internal consultant?

2. What are you doing to build your internal consulting skills?

I’d love to hear your questions. Drop me a note. Let me know how it’s going. Looking forward to hearing from you. Over the next few blogs, I’ll work to answer some of these or other questions I get from you.