Training is Not the Answer

Industry developments and reform make changes in the workplace inevitable, and training is the tool most often used to implement that change.

Many see training as a staple in the workplace that generates a common language among employees. The way that change is exhibited can contribute to the longevity and success of the organization. It is important that the stakeholders understand how to engage their peers and employees.

In the article, Training is Not the Answer, Block recognizes that most reform efforts are unsuccessful because of the format in which training is offered. Rather than allowing employees to have a say in training methods, top level management determines which programs will be beneficial.

Block says that the problem lies within the ideas that “Training is mandatory and top management with staff support knows what is best.” Training can only be truly successful when it gives employees the opportunity to create ownership and responsibility at the point of contact.

Instructing employees to follow new guidelines will not work unless they are given a voice to express their opinions. Only after we allow them to join the conversation to determine and understand their stakes in the organization’s success will sustained, effective change occur.