“I’m Fine”

Are You Sure Things are Just Fine?

Have you ever asked someone how are they doing and they respond, “I’m fine.” If so, you probably didn’t believe everything was just fine.

As a consultant, you are able to recognize when there might be an issue hiding within a company’s culture. In this video, Peter explains why he always asks a person three times how they are doing. Peter believes that by the third time you ask someone how they feel about something, they finally open up and give their honest opinion.

Urgency of Answers

A slow internet connection, rush hour traffic or a long wait at your favorite restaurant. Let’s face it, you have a tough time being patient when you expect things to go your way and something goes wrong. As a consultant, you have probably heard a client demand a quick answer to solve a problem. Clients want an easy fix, a solution that will enable the client to get back on track in a hurry. However, you know that the right answer does not come right away. Take time to let your client practice the art of patience when you are consulting. In this video, Peter explains why the urgency for answers creates a problem every time. When you let yourself be controlled by a client’s urgency, you set yourself up for failure.