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Thank you for partnering with Designed Learning to bring one of our workshops to your organization. We are committed to delivering our best.

  1. Actively promote the workshop as part of generating interest and enrollment.
  2. Invite participants to attend the session. Peter Block says, “An invitation is more than just a request to attend; it’s a call to create an alternative future, to join in the possibility we have declared.”
  3. In the invitation, share why they are being included, why the session is important, and what they can hope to get out of the experience.
  4. Encourage a senior leader or sponsor to attend day one of the workshop to share why they have made an investment in the participant’s learning.
  5. Ask all participants to prioritize the learning experience. This means, as much as possible, encouraging full participation by protecting the time set aside for the workshop and fully engaging while in the session.

Setting Up for Success: Media Kit for Workshops

We know the investment you are making in your team is significant and important. With this in mind, we’ve created a media kit for each of our solutions to help you deliver on the five tips for success. Please feel free to use and share inside your organization.

Once again, thank you, and we look forward to seeing your teams in a session soon!

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