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Helpful Checklists and Worksheets

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Assessing the Balance of Responsibility

Rate the different levels of responsibility in each project in which you’re involved.

Analyzing one of your contracts

Practice and ensure effective contracting by making sure you’ve covered core elements.

Planning a contracting meeting

Cover all the bases in a contracting meeting with this checklist of questions to answer.

Reviewing the contracting meeting

Important questions to answer and reflect upon after you’ve finished the meeting.

Planning a discovery meeting

A guideline to help you collect data and prepare for resistance.

Reviewing the Discovery Meeting

Questions to ask after a Discovery Meeting.

Planning a meeting for action

Guiding questions to help you prepare for a successful meeting.

Reviewing the meeting for action

Post-meeting questions to help you learn and prepare for the next.

Preparing for implementation

Reminders to work engagement elements into the implementation phase.

Reviewing an implementation event

Questions to answer and reflect on after the Implementation phase.