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About Us

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We Believe in an alternative narrative which values:

  • Individual choice
  • Accountability
  • Co-creation
  • The power of invitation over mandate


We help Create workplaces and communities that work for the common good of all through conversations to consult, convene, and empower.



We Design structured learning experiences that awaken a sense of purpose to create organizations that people believe in will thrive – individually and collectively.



We Invite opportunities where:

  • Every gathering is an opportunity to move forward to a more human culture of relatedness and connection. When we gather, it has to matter!
  • New skills to engage people, overcome isolation and deepen connection, especially in a virtual environment.
  • Innovation demands collaboration.
  • Belonging and inclusion is a pre-requisite for commitment.

Our Story

Founded by Peter Block in 1980, Designed Learning was established to offer workshops based on the ideas in his books including one of his most well-known works, Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used.

Since then, the team at Designed Learning has delivered training to thousands of people in 35 countries and five languages, both internally for global companies and in public, open-enrollment workshops.

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