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The Promise and Phases of Flawless Consulting®
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What many people fail to understand is that relationships are the mechanism for getting anything done at work.

For over 40 years, Peter Block’s best-seller, “Flawless Consulting, a Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used,” has been the guidebook for how to cultivate these relationships where things get done. It’s revered by consultants, professionals, leaders, and has guided their journey of discovering lasting solutions, building healthy partnerships, and transforming organizations for good.

Before the book ever hit shelves, Flawless Consulting was designed first as a workshop for people inside organizations trying to successfully influence where they have no direct authority or control. While the theories and tips in the book are highly beneficial, there is no better way to learn them than through practice and real-life application.

Our Flawless Consulting® workshop will help you master the promises and phases of the renowned book through interactive and powerful learning experiences.

Flawless Consulting is for you if…

  • You are ready for learning that will stick
  • You feel like you have more expertise to offer
  • You want your suggestions to be heard and implemented
  • You want to have more impact on decisions and outcomes
  • You are interested in creating win-win consulting relationships
  • You want to build stronger partnerships with clients, colleagues, and bosses
  • You would like to discover how to get to the core of problems that are presented to you
  • You are ready to be a model for the change you want to see for your team, organization, and community

Experience the Promise of Flawless Consulting:

After taking part in our Flawless Consulting Workshops, you will have the skills you need to:

  • See your expertise valued and implemented
  • Forge trusting partnerships with clients
  • Dodge no-win consulting situations
  • Foster internal commitment from clients
  • Gain client support and leverage
  • Cultivate unshakeable trust in relationships
  • Develop consulting skills for better client engagement

Master the Phases of Consulting with Flawless Consulting Workshops

We offer Flawless Consulting 1, 2, and our Flawless Refresher in both in-person and virtual formats.

Whether you’re an independent consultant or part of an organization, these workshops are tailored to elevate your success.

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Coaching & Consulting

A workshop is just the beginning.

We invite opportunities to move towards a more human culture of relatedness and connection with all our clients. Many of our programs include one-on-one coaching, but for when you want more, we also offer:

Individual Coaching
Individual Coaching

Individual coaching supports you as you strive to get your expertise used and become a trusted partner at work or in your community by focusing on the real-world application of the skills learned in our workshops.

Group Coaching
Group Coaching

Build your community of practice by bringing together a small group to focus on the possibilities of how to reach collaborative agreements with each other and the clients you support.


Sometimes even the consultants want help. Using our own Flawless Consulting model, one of our certified consultants will partner with you to understand the underlying dimensions of your problem, share feedback, and provide recommendations on how best to move forward.

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