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The Promise and Phases of Flawless Consulting®
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When the landmark best-seller Flawless Consulting was first published more than four decades ago, it was quickly adopted as the “consultant’s bible.” Over 40 years later, people around the globe continue to rely on Peter Block’s groundbreaking book for a practical and specific guide for anyone who needs to develop a capacity for deeper relatedness and partnership – which means it is for all who wish to make a real difference in the world.

The Phases of Flawless Consulting

Based on the book, Designed Learning’s Flawless Consulting workshop brings the pages of Peter’s work to life with a highly interactive learning experience where all participants learn how to put the phases of consulting into practice with the clients they serve.

Flawless Consulting 1 is the foundational workshop that introduces the phases of consulting and focuses on the initial phase of building collaboration called Contracting.  This phase is broken down into a repeatable process for building partnerships and then put together for the final practice of a contracting conversation.  Participants must complete the foundational workshop in order to be ready for Flawless Consulting 2, which builds on the contracting conversation using a simulation to practice and effectively navigate the first three phases of consulting: Contracting, Discovery, and Feedback.  In addition to learning new skills in Discovery and Feedback, many of the skills learned in Flawless Consulting 1 are revisited and practiced. By learning the concepts and practicing the skills of these three phases in both parts of Flawless Consulting, participants will be more equipped to build trusted partnerships and get their expertise used.

The promise of Flawless Consulting is to:

  • Have your expertise better used
  • Have your recommendations more frequently implemented
  • Work in more of a partnership role with clients
  • Avoid no-win consulting situations
  • Develop internal commitment in your clients
  • Receive support from your clients
  • Increase the leverage you have with clients
  • Build trusting relationships

Flawless Consulting 1, 2, and Flawless Refresher are offered in-person or
virtually in public workshops or inside organizations.

Flawless Consulting 1

Flawless Consulting 2

Flawless Refresher

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Coaching & Consulting

A workshop is just the beginning.

We invite opportunities to move towards a more human culture of relatedness and connection with all our clients. Many of our programs include one-on-one coaching but for when you want more, we also offer:

Individual Coaching
Individual Coaching

Individual coaching supports you as you strive to get your expertise used and become a trusted partner at work or in your community by focusing on the real-world application of the skills learned in our workshops.

Group Coaching
Group Coaching

Build your community of practice by bringing together a small group to focus on the possibilities of how to reach collaborative agreements with each other and the clients you support.


Sometimes even the consultants want help. Using our own Flawless Consulting model, one of our certified consultants will partner with you to understand the underlying dimensions of your problem, share feedback, and provide recommendations on how best to move forward.

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