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Inspiring Transformation One Meeting at a Time
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How is community created? One room at a time.

It’s no secret that the catalyst of community is one’s sense of belonging. Every gathering, every room, has the capacity to move us towards a more human culture of relatedness and connection. When we gather, we can either share our expertise and tell others what to do or co-create a future that we aren’t able to do by ourselves.

As leaders, you are charged with bringing people together, driving engagement, and minimizing the isolation of a virtual world. Is it working or as a leader, do you:

  • Sense that the old way of leading is obsolete?
  • Believe there is nothing more important than for a leader to co-create?
  • Know that belonging and inclusion is a pre-requisite for commitment?
  • Believe that innovation demands collaboration?
  • Tire of carrying too much of the burden alone?
  • Want to transform the communities where you live and work?

Leader As Convener

Designed Learning’s Leader as Convener workshop brings the pages of Peter Block’s book, Community: The Structure of Belonging, to life with a highly interactive learning experience where participants, using Six Conversations that Matter®, explore how to transform the communities where they live and work through the power of small groups gathering in new and different ways … ways that matter.

Leader As Convener is offered in-person or virtually in public workshops or inside organizations. Leaders will learn tools and protocols to convene others in a way that creates meaningful work by taking themselves out of the role of “Sage on the Stage” and repositioning themselves as host and convener to encourage the engagement of people’s minds, hearts, and spirits.

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Coaching & Convening

A workshop is just the beginning.

We invite opportunities to move towards a more human culture of relatedness and connection with all our clients. Many of our programs include one-on-one coaching but for when you want more, we also offer:

Individual Coaching
Individual Coaching

Chances are this way of bringing people together is very new for you. It will require learning new things, unlearning others, and then actively putting it all into practice. Individual coaching is designed to help you plan for and conduct your own convening efforts around the six conversations.

Group Coaching
Group Coaching

Build the power of your small group by working with one of our certified facilitators to help you change the way you gather and shift the mindset about connectedness in your community.


We love to connect and help others connect too. Using the Six Conversations, one of our certified consultants will lead your team through a convening experience to deepen accountability and commitment through engagement.

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“As an executive leader, learning the Six Conversations, which are at the center of the Leader As Convener program, was exactly the growth that I needed at this time in my professional career. Already, the Six Conversations are helping me build stronger connections with my colleagues and our business clients. I now feel more confident leading meetings with a new purpose and plan for building collaboration and reaching collective impact.”

Keith Hickman, Executive Director of Collective Impact IIRP Graduate School

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