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Where Else Is This Working? Reframing the “Guaranteed Success” Problem Business is risky. There is no way around it. You need to try new things to advance and yet you also somehow want a “guaranteed success.” Thus two major impulses are constantly in conflict: wanting to innovate and at the same time wanting the reassurance that what you are contemplating… Read Post
Taking It To Scale: Reframing the “Scalability” Problem Whenever a pilot project is successful, the question you can inevitably expect is “scalability.” How do you take this to scale and make the same thing happen across departments, or locations, or teams? It worked in one place, so let’s make it work in every place. And let’s do it… Read Post
Fix Those People: Reframing the “Behavior Modification” Problem Behavior modification (or behavior change) is a classic human predicament that is reflected in the question: How do I get those people to change their behavior? It's time to reframe the problem statement if change is what you really want. Read Post
Tom & Jerry: Reframing the “Conflict Resolution” Problem Conflict resolution in the workplace can often seem impossible to fix. But new possibilities are opened up when you begin to challenge common assumptions. Read Post
Define What You Mean: Reframing the “Clear Vision” Problem When tasked with implementing change in your organization, you may have found yourself in this position: The goal of change… Read Post
The Deadwood Dilemma: Reframing the “Low Performer” Problem There are few things that incite feelings of injustice at work as the perception of “freeloaders”...low performers, reaping benefit from other people’s work. Read Post
The Inmates Run the Prison: Reframing “The Bad Boss” Problem Bosses are created by those who work for them. If the boss isn’t bossing well, then the team is teaming well. Reframing the classic problem Boss around the responsibility of the team makes change possible. Read Post
Why Now is the Best Time for HR Leaders to Forget the Seat and Get a Table Learn from 3 influential HR Leaders about How to build INFLUENTIAL HR TEAMS that create collaborative relationships as respected strategic partners. Read Post
The Three Consulting Roles: How to Stop Fixing and Start Collaborating Now is the time to get your expertise used at work. See how you can stop fixing things and people, and start collaborating today. Read Post
Strategies to Help HR Professionals Influence Senior Executives Apply the principles of Flawless Consulting and gain influence for your ideas and suggestions by learning business partnering skills from Peter Block, the author of Flawless Consulting and creator of Flawless Consulting training. Talk directly with Peter about your ideas, insights, questions, or challenges. Read Post