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Consulting Complexities: Performance Management… Let Me Do It for You This post on how the lure to set up programs to manage performance improvement ultimately undermines consulting effectiveness continues our series that looks at what interferes with our capacity to serve, even in the face of our best intentions. It speaks to both internal and external consultants experiencing the tensions… Read Post
Flawlessly Feeding Your Soul As a millennial in the midst of her career, I find myself exposed to a range of diverse colleagues and clients with regard to age, gender, skill set, title, role, background and overall life experience. Read Post
FAQ’s from Flawless Consulting Workshops Over the years I have trained thousands of people in Flawless Consulting Workshops. Most of them did not see themselves as consultants yet had questions about how to relate to the people they served inside the organization. Now, if you’re not sure you are an internal consultant? Follow this… Read Post
The No-Judgment Zone Jiddu Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher, speaker, and writer said, “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” It’s an ability we talk about often in Flawless Consulting when learning how to deal with resistance in our client relationships. Read Post
“What do you mean by Flawless?” It’s a question I hear early in my Flawless Consulting Skills workshops. Flawless can sound arrogant and impossible. But let me offer a short explanation of Flawless. There are four basic principles to being Flawless that are simple and practical… Read Post
CONSULTING COMPLEXITIES: Our Love of Leadership This post on how our love for leadership ultimately undermines consulting effectiveness continues our series looking at what interferes with our capacity to serve, even in the face of our best intentions. It speaks to the industry as a whole, though both internal and external consultants will recognize… Read Post
Why We Say Yes When We May Want to Say No Getting Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors The phone rings on a Friday afternoon. It’s a key internal client and he’s got a problem. The urgency in his voice rings as someone who wants help, wants it now and wants it from you as a trusted and respected consultant in… Read Post
Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work Webinar with Joe Maalouf Designed Learning Consultant Joe Maalouf will share what it means to show up authentically, why it matters, and how interacting from a place of authenticity will improve outcomes in your organization. Joe Maalouf has been a consultant with Designed Learning since 1993. He is a founding partner of the Canadian… Read Post
Signs That You May Be an Internal Consultant I never thought of myself as a consultant. I was a director of training for engineering, not a consultant. The people who worked for me were technicians and engineers not consultants. The people I worked with were engineering managers, not clients. Read Post
Getting Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors In Flawless Consulting, author Peter Block writes, “Most consulting projects get started because managers feel pain. When the organization feels the pain, managers start to describe for themselves why the pain exists.” It should be no surprise then that projects defined from an initial place of pain may be a… Read Post