Why Now is the Best Time for HR Leaders to Forget the Seat and Get a Table

How to build INFLUENTIAL HR TEAMS that create collaborative relationships as respected strategic partners.  

If you’re convinced that building collaborative HR teams is critical for the success of your organization, if you’ve shifted to a self-serve model of HR services, if you’ve adapted the center of excellence as on organizational design, and you want to hear how other organizations are using Flawless Consulting as a strategic lever, then this webinar is for you.

Creating collaborative HR teams requires intentionality.

Helping organizational leaders move away from viewing HR as transactional operators, and instead, treating them as consultants and strategic partners requires a proven, conversational system. Let’s explore this possibility together.

During this webinar you’ll:


Kim Blue, Global Head of People Experience Partners at Zoom

Andrea M. Benavides, Senior Director, People Operations at Fabric.Inc

Wally Kuhns, Vice President, Human Resources at Dexcom