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Bonner Case:
A case study of a small consulting project to help you apply Chapters 1 through 6.

More differences between the technical/business problem and how the problem is being managed.
Pg. 172

Layers of Analysis Exercise: Identify layers of a problem that are not clear initially.
Pg. 213

Renegotiating expectations about participation exercise.
Pg. 265

Rearranging the Room: The theory behind rearranging the room is that this particular meeting is a sample and leading indicator of all future meetings.
Pg. 266

Creating a Platform for Openness and Doubt: Part of our tasks as consultants is to create opportunities for all voices and points of view to be heard.
Pg. 268

What Do We Want to Create Together?: There is no more profound question than this one, and none more difficult to answer.
Pg. 270

Creating a New Conversation: Old conversations lead to old actions.
Pg. 271

Choosing Accountability and Commitment: An activity that confronts and cements people’s will to proceed.
Pg. 274

Closing with Focus on Gifts: Finish each meeting by recognizing participant’s gifts and values.
Pg. 275