Delivering Consulting and Implementation

We are good at more than implementing solutions that require our specific technical or business expertise. We also know a lot about helping design optimal solutions, based upon thoughtful analysis of situation-specific problem sets and desired outcomes. We’ve seen plenty of well implemented solutions that work in one place, but not in another. With this experienced insight, we can help folks figure out the best solutions that fit their particular situations. In short, we offer consulting expertise in addition to implementation expertise, and we focus on helping our clients/stakeholders get the results they want—not just getting a solution “done” according to the specifications.

Our consulting is also about supporting folks who are facing their own unique concerns and situational problem sets. They may not be fully ready to avail themselves of all that we have to offer. Likely, they don’t fully recognize what consultative expertise and empathetic support we have to offer, or what benefit it can provide. Likely, too, they have reservations about tapping such expertise and empathy. Trust is always a key factor. Then again, they may simply not know how to work with consultants like us.

To grow our client-valued impact, we can guide interactions with clients to open their eyes to—and their trust in—who we are and what we offer.

In the Flawless Consulting approach, it’s the contracting (and continuous re-contracting) with clients that is the context for such guidance. Our other Flawless Consulting work in the discovery, decision-making, implementation, and evaluation phases further allows us to demonstrate our expertise and trustworthiness.  And yet, it is in our contracting discussions with clients that our value, our mutual expectations and concerns, and the ground-rules for our working relationship are established and burnished.

The operating criteria for trust can be contracted, clarifying what trustworthiness we and our clients offer and expect. Imagine knowing how to get and feel clear about:

While these lists of relevant “wants” can go long, the point remains that we can lead the conversations that lead to shared clarity. In the process, we enable more effective result-getting and more meaningful working relationships. We also stand tall with our clients, sharing and respecting our respective strengths in the cause of making a more significant impact.

Not a bad day’s or life’s work.