Rama Naidu

Rama Naidu

Rama Naidu has been a consultant with Designed learning for the past two years.

As an organizational development practitioner and a process facilitator he draws from extensive experience in the fields of education and community building.

As a past leader of a large nonprofit organization dedicated to activating citizenship, Rama has worked at the coalface for most of his life. He uses this experience to enhance his skills as a coach, process facilitator, OD consultant and community builder.

Rama has worked with a range of organizations including the European Union, First National Bank, German Technical Co-operation (GIZ), The Konrad Adenauer Foundation, The SA Interfaith Council, Symphonia for South Africa, Vedanta Resources International and several private educational institutions and corporates.

His scope of work has included:

  • Leadership and teambuilding
  • Scenario planning
  • Organizational development
  • Diversity and transformation training
  • Community building
  • Coaching
  • Process facilitation

Rama uses his presence and experience as his most powerful tool to shift awareness from a world of problems to a world of possibilities, where abundance rather than scarcity is the foundation for crafting a different narrative of collaboration and co-creation.

Rama has a PhD in Social Geography and is a past fellow of Northwestern University In Chicago. He is an affiliate of the prestigious international Gestalt IGold Leadership and organizational development program and is also a member of the AFRICA OD network.

Rama lives in Durban, South Africa but regards himself as a global citizen.

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