Maya Mehta

Maya Mehta

Communications and Community Engagement Consultant

Maya Mehta began working with Designed Learning as a Communications and Community Engagement Consultant in 2021. Starting in 2023, she joined the team full-time as a Marketing Specialist. Maya’s professional joy comes from storytelling, convening, and creative production.

Holding a Master of Arts in International Affairs from The New School, she believes wholeheartedly in the power of the word to bring about positive transformation. Her background is in human rights and media, which moves her to use language, visual design, and journalism as tools for social change.

For over ten years, her work has focused on creating a safe space for the stories of individuals to emerge and bringing visibility to projects focused on radical human rights education, systems change, and civic engagement. She has led Marketing and Communications teams for major international organizations and grassroots projects in New York, Fiji, and Brazil. Her work incorporates practices of collective narrative, participatory media, and generative journalism.

Originally from Maryland, Maya lives with her husband and cat in the beautiful Sierra just outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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