Lee Rush

Lee Rush

Lee joined Designed Learning as a Consultant in 2021. Lee draws on over forty-five years of business experience in the fields of education, healthcare and non-profit management. During this time, he has served in a range of positions including teaching and counseling at the secondary level, administering a day treatment program in an alternative school setting, supervising staff in a residential youth facility, directing a human resource department for a mid-sized healthcare company, serving as an Executive Director of a 501(c)(3) health foundation and starting up his own non-profit company specializing in restorative justice practices. This breadth of business and management experiences has given him insight into how to build critical relationships with fellow employees, inspire others to rise to levels of high performance, and put the necessary pieces in place to establish successful businesses.

Lee has also served on the board of directors for various state and national organizations that have provided him with strategic planning, board development, financial acumen and other critical skills in maximizing the performance of the teams of people he has worked with.

A gifted group process facilitator, Lee has studied and applied the use of play, humor and experiential learning in creating experiences where people feel comfortable stepping outside their comfort zones and take risks in leading others in conflict resolution conversations.

Lee has traveled extensively nationally and internationally providing training to thousands of individuals in the areas of restorative justice, alternative education, using humor and play in the workplace and science-based prevention strategies to create community coalitions working on public health issues.

Lee earned his undergraduate degree in Criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and his Masters Degree in Psychoeducational Processes from Temple University. He specialized his studies in Organizational Development and Adult Learning theory. He is also licensed through the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) as a restorative justice trainer. He was named the National Prevention Advocate in 2013 and has received numerous awards and recognition, including a Mission of Service Award from the International Mankind Project and a Distinguished Service Award from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. Lee lives with his wife Kathy in Bucks County, PA.

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