Joseph Maalouf

Joseph Maalouf

Joe Maalouf has been a consultant with Designed Learning since 1993. He is a founding partner of the Canadian company, Effiqual/Designed Learning Canada, and of the Lebanese company, Beyond Consulting & Training, which are sister consulting firms specializing in assisting organizations to enhance:

  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • effectiveness through developing the person at work

Joe believing in aligning management practices and the way responsibility, accountability and knowledge are distributed among all employees, thus nurturing a mindset of meaning, contribution and partnership.

Joe has been working for more than three decades, with clients all over the
world in a wide variety of industries and scope of work including:

  • Organizational capacity building
  • Change management
  • Cultural initiative
  • Governance systems
  • Restructuring and organizational architecture
  • Leadership
  • Management and business strategy
  • Reform of management practices

He is known for his keen ability to integrate the technical side, systems thinking and the “here and now” into his training approach.

He is an example of engaging the heart and mind at work, where the engineer, the business person and the poet come together to invite participants and organizations alike to invest in truly holistic learning and change experiences.

Joe has been a presenter at various international conferences and has authored a variety of articles. He has also been a lecturer at a number of respected North American and Middle Eastern Universities.

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