Brad Matthews

Brad Matthews

Clients often refer to Brad Matthews as engaging, energetic, incisive, and committed – clearly focused on benefiting clients and the purposes they serve. Brad is all about inviting, encouraging, inspiring, enabling, coaxing and coaching clients to create more meaningful progress – supporting them in clarifying their purpose and motivating concerns, mobilizing their strategies and resources, developing their strengths, and committing their energies and capacities.

He reaches out to understand participants’ goals and concerns, and then focuses ‘course’ content and learning processes, as well as his own insights to best serve those goals. Client-participants – ranging from those who are highly successful in their consulting roles and looking to polish their effectiveness, to those who may even be unclear as to why they are attending a workshop and/or about the relevance of ‘consulting’ to their work –all report being benefited by Brad’s facilitative approach.

Brad’s own experience includes significant ‘internal’ and ‘external’ consulting roles; workshop design/facilitation/TTT; executive coaching; and founding/managing two consulting firms with their global teams of consultants. He has worked in 21 countries, serving an exceptionally wide range of organizational functions and industries in both the profit and non-profit sectors. Having previously facilitated Designed Learning workshops around the world for 12 years, Brad has now returned to DL and its clients, drawing on the added perspectives of his deep and broad consulting experience over the last several years.

A partial list of clients includes:

  • IT/IM – HP, Agilent, Cisco, Symantec, Induct
  • Fin. Svcs. – Charles Schwab, CitiBank, Progressive Insurance, GM Finance
  • Healthcare – Salem Hospital (Mass. General Hospital), Oslo University Hospital, Kaiser-Permanente
  • Automotive – Ford, GM-UAW
  • Energy – Chevron, ARCO, Pacific Power
  • Telecom – MCI, AT&T, Ericsson
  • Consulting Services. – HP Consulting, Agilent, Right Management, E&Y
  • Publishing – MacWorld, PCWorld, Wired
  • Education – Mass. Experimental School System, US Office of Educ., Mass. Dept. of Educ.
  • Innovation – Induct, BJC Hospital, Oslo Univ. Hospital, Cisco
  • Materials – Borealis, Tyco
  • Bio-Tech – Genencor, Genentech
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