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Event Date July 26, 2024
Event Time 10:30 - 11:45 AM (ET)
Location Zoom

Journeys Of Growth & Belonging

Journeys of Growth and Belonging is a gathering series co-facilitated with storytellers who are affecting a shift to an alternative narrative in their communities and organizations. These stories give us a place to redirect our attention. They can teach us how to become relational activists, which means we are putting our experience with each other first. It invites us all to reclaim control of our collective well-being. 

As we have been connecting and exchanging ideas around ideas in Peter Block’s books Activating the Common Good and Community, what has become evident is the value in gathering and collectively identifying ways that we can put the Six Conversations and other common good protocols into practice. 

Our intention is to continue to share, learn together with, and inspire others throughout 2024 by hosting a diverse and multidisciplinary community of those who are actively co-creating communities, organizations, and a world that works for the common good of all. In addition to learning from the story, we will connect in small groups as a model of the very convening style we wish to see more of in the world. 

Join us to connect and witness the common good.