Discover the Power of Flawless Consulting

Our workshops help you balance the technical and relationship priorities of any work project to get your expertise used, create positive outcomes for any project, and impact overall organizational outcomes through increased productivity.


The game has changed. Staff functions have to compete where they once had a monopoly. Impact is measured even more closely.


We know the problem. Every project has its undiscussables. If we don’t deal with this directly, we find ourselves colluding with the very people we want to serve.


We want to have impact long after we leave the room.


Three ways to bring the proven results of Flawless Consulting to your organization

Learn with us — virtual instructor-led, on-site at your company, or with a group of learners from diverse organizations in a public workshop. 

Virtual, Instructor-Led Workshops

Based on our highly effective on-site modules, our virtual, instructor-led workshops are specially designed to introduce key portions of Flawless Consulting to a highly distributed workforce. Virtual workshops are available for individual registrants or can be delivered exclusively to participants from your organization.

Corporate Workshops

Any organization that wants to create lasting organizational change will benefit from infusing the skills of Flawless Consulting through their workforce. We enhance relationship skills to eliminate barriers to productivity and results. We bring our workshops on-site to Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies, universities, and beyond — around the world.

Public Workshops

Looking for individual learning to improve your business partnering skills or to see if Flawless Consulting is right for your organization to bring in-house? Attend one of our Flawless Consulting workshops to learn through a vibrant, interactive, and practical experience.

What our clients say

Millions of clients are glad they chose Flawless Consulting.

I invited Flawless Consulting to teach a corporate training here at Shell. Lydia was such a skilled facilitator and I heard many great things from my team including:
“This is the best course I’ve taken in my entire Shell career.”
“I could have worked with this group for a full week!”
“We heard there’s a Flawless Consulting 2, when can we get that?”
We also enjoyed taking advantage of the Integrated Learning opportunity with its easy to use Learning Portal and app. Thank you for the great experience and we look forward to more workshops together in 2019!
Anna-Grace Lair

Learning Advisor for HR, Shell Corporation

I was impressed with the quality of the facilitators and their deep consulting expertise. I appreciated how easy the team made it to offer these valuable workshops in remote locations. Bottom line—participants left with the improved knowledge and skills to be better consultants to their clients and organizations.
Bob Luton

Microsoft Corporation

I’ve always struggled with expressing my own wants with my clients. Flawless Consulting helped me to see that I could assert my wants in a way that wasn’t aggressive but that ensured both the client and I were getting what we wanted for a productive relationship. Moving forward, I will be sure to thoroughly negotiate my working contracts to make sure that everything is understood and agreed to by both parties. 
On-site Program Participant

Lockheed Martin

I attended Flawless Consulting as part of a corporate training for Lockhead Martin. I appreciated the real-world experiences and research-based insights. Clearly, our facilitators are experts in their field. Rossina and Jeff excelled at validating any questions and comments from the class and provided insights into how to improve and raise the bar. If a colleague asked me about this workshop, I’d say, “Go!”
On-site Program Participant

Lockheed Martin

I’d recommend Flawless Consulting to anyone in a consultative role both internally or externally. I learned a step-by-step structure to the consulting process and because of its practical examples, I saw how the Flawless principles worked in the real-world. Great discussions, lots of role play and energetic instructors!
Public Workshop Participant

Flawless Consulting workshops are highly interactive, practical and I found lots of opportunities to practice the things I learned. I realized that I have a tendency to default to the “expert” role but Flawless helped me see how I could lean into a more “consultative” role. Thanks for helping me see that Joe and Jeff!
Public Workshop Participant

I wanted to send my thanks to the Flawless team and to our great instructors, Jeff and Joe! They were excellent facilitators and their expertise was obvious. The public workshop was a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and hearing their experiences was helpful in the learning process! I would recommend this course to anyone! 
On-Site Program Participant

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