The Empowered Manager


The Empowered Manager, Second Edition
by Peter Block

Empowerment produces the conditions for high performance because empowered cultures attract and retain talent. They produce high achievement, high accountability and high commitment.

The Empowered Manager uncovers a roadmap to creating a more accountable culture in today’s fragmented and virtual world. In this book, best-selling author, Peter Block, returns his eye towards management to renew efforts to create a shift in the traditional hierarchy. Twenty years after the original book, Block talks about why it is so difficult to both open the door to empowerment and more importantly, have people walk through it.

Now more than ever, it is vital to create a culture in which all members of an organization are treated as entrepreneurs, giving them ownership over their role and responsibilities. This is in the face of the reality that most employees want safety, not the adventure of empowerment.

Peter enhances the first edition of the book by acknowledging employees’ wish for dependency. Their longing for the days when a job carried a promise of a future—when companies cared more about the product and the people, than about the money.

This book shows you a new approach to management—empowering all employees at all levels—and how it culminates into better business outcomes for the entire organization.

If you feel controlled by bureaucracy, unrewarded for creativity, and from a distance, powerless to control your own destiny, this book is the breath of fresh air your career has been craving.

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