The Abundant Community


The Abundant Community: Awakening the Power of Families and Neighborhoods
by John McKnight and Peter Block

There is a growing movement of people with a different vision for their local communities. They know that real satisfaction and the good life are not provided by organizations, institutions, or systems. No number of great CEO’s, central offices, or long-range plans produce what a community can produce.

People are discovering a new possibility for their lives. They have a calling. They are called. And together they call upon themselves. Though it seems idealistic, it is an ideal within our grasp.

Our culture leads us to believe that a satisfying life can be purchased. It tells us that in the place where we live, we don’t have the resources to create a good life. This book reminds otherwise.

Neighborhoods that can raise children, provide security, sustain our health, secure our income, and care for the most vulnerable are within the power of our ability. By giving voice to our idea of a beloved community, The Abundant Community reminds us of our ability to create a hope-filled life, ensuring us that when we join together, we can create a future we want to be a part of.

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