Flawless Consulting Enhanced E-book


Flawless Consulting: A Guide To Getting Your Expertise Used, 3rd Edition Enhanced eBook

This is the eBook version of Peter Block’s, Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used, 3rd Edition.

Considered the “consultant’s bible,” this landmark bestseller explains how to deal effectively with clients, peers, and others.
The third edition addresses new challenges since the second edition was written and explores what’s on the minds of the “next generation” of consultants.
The book includes:
  • More guidance on how to ask better questions
  • How to help clients understand the importance of what is invisible but near at hand
  • The agonies of contracting
  • The impact of technology and the virtual world on consulting relationships
For Peter Block, “a consultant is a person in a position to have some influence over an individual, a group, or an organization, but who has no direct power to make changes or implement programs.”

He points out the elements that often get in the way of productive consulting, and then shows you how to handle them and move on to clear, mutually beneficial consulting.

Filled with actionable advice, techniques, and checklists for making each consultation as effective as possible, Flawless Consulting: A Guide To Getting Your Expertise Used, 3rd Edition, will give you the tools you need to grow your influence and start making a bigger impact in your business relationships.
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