Phil Grosnick

Phil Grosnick

Phil Grosnick joined Designed Learning in 1981 and served as president for 17 years. Through his guidance, Flawless Consulting workshops have been refined and adapted to keep pace with the changing marketplace and have reached all categories of organizations and all parts of the world.

Phil provides consulting and training for Designed Learning client companies to support their commitment to developing ownership and responsibility at every level.

His work with clients reaffirms the belief that the person is central to the success of every organization. He is personally committed to living out the values he teaches including authentic relationships, the confrontation of difficult issues and the belief that courage and compassion are essential to optimum organizational performance.

He has written several articles about organizational efforts to distribute the power to engage the marketplace. With almost 50 years’ experience as a manager, administrator, internal and external consultant and trainer, his work with clients covers a full range of organizational improvement activities including:

• Building unit capacity

• Team development

• Building cooperation between departments

• Managing staff groups.

Phil is especially good at using his skills in supporting and confronting to help participants face their own difficult issues. His years of experience both inside organizations and as an external consultant give him numerous and humorous examples to share.

Phil resides in Jacksonville, FL.