Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers provides administrative support to Designed Learning special projects. Her primary effort is to support the work of Peter Block, founder of Designed Learning.

She joined Peter in 1997, and since then has been instrumental in giving order and follow through to Peter’s commitments to writing, speaking, local Cincinnati projects and connections in his networks of relationships.

Her work with Peter was first in his organizational consulting practice, and now is in his work in building social capital in communities.

In 2005, Maggie decided to follow her passion for sailing and risk adventure over safety. For several years, she spent six months each year on a sailboat in the Caribbean, performing her work from the boat in every country she visited. Now, Maggie spends winters in Florida, with the boat docked in the backyard, and summers in Mystic, Connecticut, where she first met Peter.

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