Fear in the Workplace

Fear is something not everyone grows accustomed to. As Peter Block puts it, “people want to live in a high trust environment.” So how does fear, which generally has a negative connotation, benefit an office setting? In his video, “Fear in the Workplace,” Peter discusses his thoughts on fear and its implications in a working environment. “Some people think having trust in the workplace means driving fear out. I like fear,” Peter says. “Fear is a natural state.”

According to Peter, if you’re not nervous or anxious you’re not paying attention. However, Peter makes it clear that instead of fearing your boss or the institution, you should be anxious about more meaningful things.

Peter suggests one should be anxious over things like keeping your integrity, or about whether you are using power in the right way. “To be anxious is to be a human being,” says Peter.

“The idea that fear can be driven out of the workplace, I’d let go of that. Fear in the workplace is perfect. I would keep it there.”