Daphne Woolfolk

Daphne Woolfolk

Daphne Woolfolk joined Designed Learning as a consultant in 2004. She has been an avid student and teacher of the principles of Flawless Consulting since her first introduction to the concepts over a decade ago.

As an internal consultant, Daphne divided her time between Organizational Development and Human Resources, building people systems that enable maximum performance, then working with individuals to make the most of these systems both in the U.S. and abroad.

Ten years in, she became curious about applying large company approaches to other audiences. This curiosity led her to starting a consulting practice, helping small business owners use strategic planning and employee development techniques to motivate employees who in turn grew revenue and profitability for their businesses.

Daphne also worked with middle managers in large companies, helping them define their leadership style and create strategies to successfully manage demands without burning out.

Daphne holds a Master Degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Northwestern University.  She has been a featured speaker on the human side of change for groups including the Institute of Management Consultants, the IL CPA Society and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.

Daphne lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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