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Event Date June 20, 2024
Event Time 1:00-2:00 PM ET
Location Online

Tamarack Institute Webinar: The Power of Place in Cultivating a Strategy for Belonging

Place matters. Achieving population-level impacts, closing equity gaps, and helping organizations and collaboratives make a difference on the most challenging issues facing communities requires a deep understanding of the role of place in driving change.

At Tamarack we focus our efforts on places where people live. Through our relationships with communities, we have learned that place-based collaboratives are critical to strengthen community cohesion and a sense of belonging, particularly as communities continue to experience the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic on our connections with one another.

We also believe in the importance of engaging in coordinated efforts to sustain, nurture, and amplify place-based collaboratives for systems-level impact. It is why we need to co-create a strategy that brings together everyone’s voices and engages all levels of government in shared efforts to build belonging in Canada.

Join us for a conversation with Peter Block and Tamarack Institute Co-CEO Danya Pastuszek on the power of place to advance a strategy for belonging, and the ways that communities are contributing to building more connected and inclusive societies.