Webinar Hero Image
Event Date April 21, 2023
Event Time 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. ET
Location Online

Flawless Consulting 4th Edition Book Launch

The latest from Peter Block has all of the tried-and-true elements of the world-renowned consultant’s guidebook, adapted to the new way of work. Pre-order your copy today! (bit.ly/FlawlessConsulting4)

Join a pre-launch gathering on Friday, April 21, where we will discuss the history of the book, which has impacted the lives of over one million people, with the author, Peter Block. We’ll hear stories behind the methodology and discover what’s new in this latest edition. The gathering is free and open to the public; we only ask that you come ready to engage in small group conversations.

   What’s New in Flawless 4? Click here to download our Flawless 4 Tip Sheet