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Event Date October 7, 2023
Event Time 9am - 2:30pm EDT
Location Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati

A Small Group Fall Learning Intensive with Peter Block (In-Person)

Join an in-person A Small Group Learning Intensive with Peter Block on Saturday, October 7, 2023 to explore the social architecture of creating community, connection, and change. This is an opportunity to practice bringing the means of engagement into your community. Please join us!

What is the Intensive?

A Small Group will host this gathering in person at the Cincinnati Civic Garden Center for an immersive learning experience featuring practices with Peter Block and the ASG team*. It is offered for people who want to deepen their understanding of engagement and the six conversations that offer structure for belonging. Listening well, asking powerful questions, and practicing curiosity are key elements of these conversations.

Throughout the day, the ASG team will share stories of how they use ASG conversations in their personal and professional work. We are grateful to work with a local caterer that sources seasonal, organic and locally grown foods to provide a delicious lunch. You are welcome to bring a breakfast item or snack to share at the start in the morning. We will also provide water, hot tea and coffee to drink.

Pre-work: you might consider reading excerpts from Peter Block’s “Community the Structure of Belonging.” We also offer our Civic Engagement booklet as a free download from our website. Either of these will help you to begin to prepare for the experience. The pre-work is not required.

The cost is $50, your time and commitment. We remain committed to offering scholarships, so please reach out if the increased cost would prohibit your participation.
We look forward to you joining us!

*ASG Team – Gayle Hilleke, Dan Joyner, Jen Stansbury Koenig