Implementation Coaching

Sustainability of learning and behavior change is arguably the most important aspect of a learning program. All the knowledge in the world can be transferred to participants, but it won’t matter if they cannot retain it long enough to put it into use in the real world, where it will garner tangible positive results for your organization.

Sustaining the learning long enough to achieve lasting behavioral change is also one of the biggest challenges organizations face. Therefore, we at Designed Learning have developed our Flawless Consulting Implementation Coaching.

This unique implementation coaching model is vastly different from generalized executive coaching because it is solely focused on the tactical success of the participant(s) implementing new skills in their day-to-day work. We focus exclusively on the new behaviors that are working for the participant and where might they be experiencing challenges. 

The Promise

Implementation Coaching is for you if you want:

To get clear on the outcomes and results you're looking for
To achieve results in a way that feels authentic to you
Want actionable advice to get you the outcomes you desire

Implementation coaching comes in both short term and long term options.

Skills Focus

Option 1

Develop further understanding and application of the Flawless Consulting skills:  

  • Making Connection through a Personal Acknowledgement
  • Communicating an Understanding of the Situation/Problem
  • Clearly and specifically stating what you want
  • Dealing with Resistance in an authentic manner
  • Understanding underlying concerns
  • Giving support

Application Focus

Option 2

This is specifically for you if you have an important upcoming meeting or conversation with a client, boss, peer and/or group where you feel your influencing and consulting skills may be tested. Together with your coach, you will create a plan to implement. Being involved in the process means you can create a plan that feels authentic to who you are.

Ready to Get Started?

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