Consulting Complexities: How Intention Gets Undermined in Change Management

This post on the complexities in change management work is the fourth in our series that looks at what interferes with our capacity to serve, even in the face of our best intentions. It speaks to the industry as a whole, though both internal and external consultants...

Consulting Complexities: How Growth Undermines Service

The growing marketplace for consulting services intensifies the complexities around the commercialization of our profession.

Consulting Complexities: The Commercialization of Service

When consulting becomes a business first and a service second, something fundamental about the work is changed.

Consulting Complexities: Introduction

Contrary to popular belief, the world’s oldest profession is consulting. The first consultant was the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, who – with the encouragement of top management –– assumed an advisory role with Eve.

Caring About Place

Does the setting we connect with each other in really matter? Has our love of technology overtaken our love for connecting with one another?

Stewardship Alternative to Leadership

Stewardship asks us to serve our organizations and be accountable to them without caretaking and without taking control. Shift from parent to partner.

Leaders as Partners not Parents

Cumbuca? What is it?

4 Terrible Things Every Great Leader Does

The Leadership Question

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When implementing organizational reform, it’s natural to assume that the reconstruction occurs from the top down. In “The Truth about Change,” Peter Block suggests that while this formula can be hindering, it does have a certain appeal.

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