ANNOUNCING a new event - The Structure of Belonging - A Six-Session Masterclass with Peter Block.

Flawless Consulting is Worldwide

Wherever you are in the world, there’s Flawless.

We’ve delivered Flawless Consulting training in 35 countries and 5 languages, both internal for global companies and in public, open enrollment workshops. Whether you hire our corporate team or work with one of our global delivery partners, you’ll discover the difference business partnering skills can make for your organization.

Our Consultants

Our international team of consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds—from HR leadership and marketing to NASA and nuclear engineering. Their diverse experiences make them keenly aware of the successes and challenges that so many of you face in the workplace.

They’ve experienced resistance to their ideas, navigated the unspoken systems of their organizations, and have seen the impact that authentic and committed business relationships create.

Our trainers understand you because they have been there before and they are ready to share their personal insights with you.

Ashok Acharya
Bangalore, India

Ashok creates workplaces that are collaborative and ultimately more successful.
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Charlotte Booth
Redondo Beach, California

Charlotte’s passion is to help individuals and teams to be the very best version of themselves.
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Bill Brewer
Boynton Beach, Florida

Bill has worked with DL for 25 years and currently delivers Flawless Consulting and The Six Conversations training.
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Yimei Chen
Beijing, China

Yimei helps clients acquire positive mindsets and the necessary skillsets to thrive in their visions, strategies, and relationships.
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Beverly Crowell
Merritt Island, Florida

Beverly has worked with Fortune 500 clients including EY, Disney, and Johnson & Johnson
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Bob Daubenmire
Woodland, California

Bob helps clients gain their own knowledge and skills so that they can successfully tackle company issues in the future.
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Carolon Donnally
Cincinnati, Ohio

Carolon inspires, challenges and prepares individuals to become a leader people want to follow.
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Gilbert Doumit

Gilbert specializes in
leadership development,
organizational transformation and policy innovation.
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Jeff Evans
Elyria, Ohio

Jeff is a Vice President at Designed Learning and oversees delivery, product quality, and managing our team of international consultants.
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Kip Garland
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Kip brings twenty years of experience of developing and leading successful learning and development for individuals and organizations.
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Fanny Lam-Lacoste
Geneva, Switzerland

Fanny helps increase productivity, adapt to system upgrades, and enhance customer services and sales effectiveness.
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Steven Lozada
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Steven encourages learners to extend their perspectives, expand their capabilities and take smart risks while having fun in the process.
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Joseph Maalouf
Quebec, Canada

Joe believes in aligning management practices among all employees.
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Brad Matthews
Maynard, Massachusetts

Clients often refer to Brad Matthews as engaging, energetic, incisive, and committed – clearly focused on benefiting clients and the purposes they serve.

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Jeff McCollum
Gilbert, Arizona

Jeff brings years of large-system experience in internal consulting to his work with Designed Learning.
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Anita Moerman van Blankenburg
Northcliff, South Africa

As a practicing coach, facilitator, and consultant, Anita brings a mix of experience and qualifications to her work.
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Rama Naidu
Durban, South Africa

Rama uses his presence and experience as a powerful tool to shift awareness from a world of problems to a world of possibilities.
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Annalisa Paliyenko
Raleigh, North Carolina

Annalisa designs, develops and delivers holistic and integrated leadership performance solutions.
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Andi Roberts
London, England

Andi has worked across a broad range of sectors: technology, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, defense
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Simi Suri
Kolkata, India

Simi blends corporate objectives with the workforces needs in order to improves work-life balance.
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Tracey Tapp
Destin, Florida

Tracey has the ability to build rapport quickly and see all people with “unconditional positive regard.”

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Arielle Sullivan
Seattle, Washington

Arielle is a passionate change agent with deep expertise in the field of Organization Development.
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April Watkins
Atlanta, Georgia

April has a diverse background in Human Resources, Operations, and Engineering...
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Executive Team

We work behind the scenes to ensure that you have a superior experience in our workshops. We’re committed to bringing excellent learning experiences to organizations throughout the world.

Jeff Evans
Vice President

Jeff is a Vice President at Designed Learning and oversees delivery, product quality, and managing our team of international consultants.
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Chris Witt
Director of Client Relations

Chris serves as workshop logistics coordinator for all contracted workshops globally.
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Pat Mucci
Business Manager

Patricia Mucci is
the Business Manager
for Designed Learning.
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Maggie Rogers
Executive Assistant to Peter Block

Maggie provides administrative support to Designed Learning special projects.
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Peter Block, Founder

Peter Block is an author, consultant and citizen of Cincinnati, Ohio. His work is about empowerment, stewardship, chosen accountability and the reconciliation of community.

Peter is the author of several bestselling books. His most popular works include:

Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used
Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self-Interest
The Empowered Manager: Positive Political Skills at Work, which embodies Peter Block’s management philosophy.

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Our Mission

We are in the business of providing structured learning experiences, which affirm the belief that the person is central to the success of every organization.

All that we do is intended to support persons and organizations in their search to create meaning and contribution at work.

We seek to embody and encourage this belief internally – within our own organization, and externally – with both customers and suppliers.

This commitment is our competitive advantage, and service in the deepest sense of the word is our vehicle.