Flawless Consulting Expanded Book Content

The checklists and worksheets below are referenced within the book Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used. These checklists are designed for you, the consultant, to use for improving your relationship with the Client.

The Designed Learning Consulting Style Assessment Tool is available exclusively through our Flawless Consulting Workshops.

Helpful Checklists and Worksheets

Assessing the Balance of Responsibility: Rate who is taking responsibility in a project you are engaged in.

Analyzing One of Your Contracts: Practice writing up elements of your contract.

Planning a Contracting Meeting: Answer these questions when you are planning a contracting meeting.

Reviewing the Contracting Meeting: Questions to answer after the meeting.

Planning a Discovery Meeting: Planning guidelines to aid in data collection and prepare for resistance.

Reviewing the Discovery Meeting: Questions to answer after the meeting.

Planning a Meeting for Action: Guidelines to help you prepare for the meeting.

Reviewing the Meeting for Action: Questions to answer after the meeting.

Preparing for Implementation: Reminders on working the elements of engagement into the implementation phase.

Reviewing an Implementation Event: Questions to answer after the Implementation phase.