What are you naturally good at? Not a strength, but an admirable quality or trait that you were born with. In Peter’s eyes, a gift is an unearned blessing and something that you do not have to work to improve. He suggests that individually, we must discover our gifts.

In many of the Flawless Consulting workshops, participants are videotaped. Individuals are told to analyze the film and to determine only what they liked about what they saw themselves do. Nearly every participant finds the negatives about how they sounded, their body language and so on but hardly any seem to find what they admired about their actions. The cause of this? Being blind to your gifts.

Before you start to work on your strengths, consider taking a step back and determining what gifts you were born with. Simply ask yourself, “What am I good at? What are the gifts that I can bring into the world?” Perhaps this is a way to discover your own unique gifts. By doing this, we can also be aware of the gifts in our business partners as well. Peter describes this as a much softer conversation than one in which you determine your strengths.